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Virtual Coaching Session

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1 60-minute virtual coaching session

Available only to students who have completed an introductory consultation!

What you’ll get:

  • 1 coaching session (60 minutes)
  • Resource library (PDF guides, video demos, and other resources)
  • Feedback for video footage of training homework (up to 5 minutes)​

Develop important life skills like: 

  • Communication, responsiveness, and engagement
  • Settling on a mat
  • Greeting without jumping up
  • Cooperative care and fear-free grooming and handling
  • Recall
  • Physical and mental activation
  • Leash walking skills

New or expecting puppy parent? We can work on:

  • Preparing your home and getting the right supplies for a new puppy
  • Setting up for success during your first few days together
  • Getting started with positive socialization and environmental training
  • Having success with potty training
  • Managing nipping and chewing
  • Introducing independence training
  • Introducing essential life skills like name recognition, leash walking, settling in bed, and more​

Learn real-life strategies to help with behavior struggles like:

  • Reactive behaviors on-leash (barking, lunging, freezing, or hiding from dogs, people, or other triggers).
    • Reactive behaviors at home (barking or showing signs of stress in reaction to sights or sounds experienced at home).
      • Social fears (insecurity around people or dogs)
        • Developing other life skills that will improve your life together

        *Please note that if your dog is struggling with behaviors such as aggression, severe anxiety, or separation anxiety, we recommend consulting with a veterinary behaviorist/hundpsykolog. We reserve the right to refer you and your dog to another canine professional at any point during our training. In this event, you will be refunded for any remaining sessions.

        *Please review our rescheduling/cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

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