Hi, I'm Kelly. I believe in the power of positive reinforcement, in the development of mutual respect through building solid relationships, and in the importance of understanding and meeting each individual where they are.

I’m originally from New York State, and have lived in the Stockholm area for 7 years. I have worked as an artist and as a teacher, and it has always been my passion to work with animals. I am so happy to be living that dream today.


I use positive reinforcement and force free training methods.
My goal is not to magically “fix” undesirable behaviors, but to understand the reason behind a behavior and then find ways to effectively and humanely address the underlying issue. You can find out more about why I use these training methods here.

My goal is to improve the everyday life of you and your dog.
I focus on finding straightforward, concrete solutions for each individual that will make daily life easier and more fulfilling. 

It all starts with relationships.
A healthy relationship is founded on communication, understanding, and respect. My coaching focuses on sharing ways to strengthen this relationship between you and your dog.

Teaching your dog should be fun!
​Successful and sustainable dog training is joyful, exciting, and fun -- for both you and your dog.