Why we love virtual coaching: 

  • The learning takes place in the comfort of your home
  • It's cost effective and time efficient
  • You and your dog are able to fully focus on your learning in a distraction-free environment
  • The content and pace is fully individualized

We can help you to:

  • Learn the best methods for settling into life with a new puppy or dog
  • Teach your dog essential cues and skills
  • Learn how to use force-free methods for cooperative care
  • Learn the best methods for working with your dog's reactive behaviors 
  • Make your walks more fun and engaging
  • Learn how to mentally stimulate and provide enrichment for your dog
  • Teach your dog a strong recall signal
  • Improve your dog's communication and responsiveness
  • Help your dog learn to feel calm and relaxed
  • Learn the foundations of clicker training
  • And so much more!